Adding book reviews to the site

1 minute read

I’m adding a new section to my website: reviews of books I’ve read.

It’s something I saw on a different blog that I thought was ingenious, so I’m copying the idea. 🕵️

I’m hoping it will help me to read more, and better retain what I read. Or at the very least keep a record of what I thought of a book that I can refer to later. If it turns into more chore than beneficial I may stop doing it.

I used to have a Goodreads account but I never kept it up to date, and now given its parent company Amazon’s move to close it off as a walled garden I no longer wish to contribute my data there anyway.

I did make the extra effort to mark up my reviews in Review syntax, but god knows if search crawlers will really care that much about them. The manual effort reminded me of how poor a user experience it is to handcraft Semantic Web data. Just for the hell of it I glanced at where the SOLID project is at and it looks like it’s still pretty opaque.

Also, it’s worth mentioning given the date that this isn’t a New Year’s resolution (which I don’t do) - I had started working on this a couple months ago but it took me some time to figure out how to make the site generator and theme happy.