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A Whole New Blog!

2 minute read

Octopress logo

Welcome to my new blog design! I’ve migrated my blog posts from Wordpress over to Octopress, which is a custom version of Jekyll with a sensible default style and some additional plugins. It was extremely fast to get up and running - after cloning the git repo you already have a working site!

Octopress/Jekyll are static site generators, meaning that there is no server-side rendering that takes place when you are viewing these pages - it’s all HTML/CSS/JavaScript! The great thing about this is that pages load very fast, especially under heavy load.

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rtorrent XMLRPC over nginx SCGI

2 minute read

Screenshot of rtorrent running in a terminal

So I’ve just started coding a new Rails project - a frontend for the awesome rtorrent BitTorrent client - and already wasted a bit of time getting started due to outdated instructions for setting up XMLRPC/SCGI on nginx from the rtorrent guide. Here’s what I did, current as of nginx 1.0.4 and rtorrent 0.8.6:

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menosgrande - My First Ruby on Rails App!

4 minute read

I’m proud to announce the release of my first Ruby on Rails app - menosgrande!

It’s not a very complicated application; it’s just a URL shortener. However, I’ve tried to make it the most efficient URL shortener in existence by doing a few things uniquely that I don’t see any other URL shorteners doing:

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Cure for the Plague: A Theoretical Progress / OpenEdge ABL Migration Plan

20 minute read

The Triumpth of Death oil painting

I think my opinion on Progress OpenEdge ABL (henceforth known as “the Plague”) as a programming language / DBMS is well known, but here is a short summary in case you missed it:

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