Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee by Dee Brown

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Book by Dee Brown published in 1970

I've started writing brief reviews or summaries of books I've read. This is one of them.

From the opening pages, the author - a white man - makes very clear his intention that the book is a polemic against the white-sided history of the

The very first pages of the book set the tone for the rest of the book’s historical accounting. It begins with the undisputed brutality of Christopher Columbus and the conquistadors, and does a little leap from there to the Jamestown Colony of 1607. The book conveniently omits the Roanoke Colony of 1585-1590, who were more than likely massacred by natives.

The book overreaches - “An Indian History of the American West” - yet doesn’t describe the horrific acts of brutality meted out by say the Apache or Comanche both against other Indian tribes as well as white people.

The name of the novel comes from a white man’s poem, who was not even referencing the battle but the name of the place (Wounded Knee).